Some audio quality enhancing features, such as Voice over LTE and HD Voice have appeared and are often available on newer smartphones. Sound quality can remain a problem due to the design of the phone, the quality of the cellular network and compression algorithms used in long-distance calls. Audio quality can be improved using a VoIP application over WiFi.

  • In addition this printer can be operated in PostScript mode with device type POSTSCPT.
  • 2 Open the dialog box, and click the Properties 3 Click Job Settings…
  • You can try to troubleshoot this issue by running Windows 10’s built-in Printer troubleshooter.

Software Installation Problems This section describes how to troubleshoot problems related to software instal- lation. If the CD-ROM does not launch automatically This section describes what to do if the CD-ROM firewire Driver Updater does not open automatically when you insert the CD-ROM into your computer. The following drivers are included on the CD-ROM provided with this machine. Changes the language of the menu and the installed software. Drivers are essentially small software applictions which allow your FS-3540MFP device to “talk” to the operating system and enable hardware functionality.

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You can select drivers or utilities to remove from your local drive. QYResearch always pursuits high product quality with the belief that quality is the soul of business. Today, QYResearch has become a brand of quality assurance in the consulting industry. The readers in the section will understand how the Electric Fuses market scenario changed across the globe during the pandemic, post-pandemic and Russia-Ukraine War.

But when i right click on the printer, click properties to be… Discussion in ‘Windows 10 Gaming’ started by Slonki, Apr 12, 2022. By meticulously following the article, you have probably isolated the problem with your printer and figured out the best fix for it. Updating, reinstalling or replacing your printer driver is likely to solve the “Printer driver is unavailable” error. You may need to detach your printer and then connect it back to solve the printer driver unavailable issue in Windows 10. You will remove the printer and its drivers from your PC, detach it physically and then reinstall everything back.


When clients connect to a printer on a server using a V4 driver, they do not download any driver. Instead they use a generic preloaded driver named ‘Microsoft enhanced Point and Print.’” However, some network admins have indicated that the V4 drivers aren’t the solution either. KB , meant to address “PrintNightmare” vulnerabilities, is causing some enterprise users to be prompted to reinstall print drivers or install new drivers — which they can’t do without admin privileges. When using the Mobility App to map your printers by default the installed printer driver is PaperCut Global PostScript.

But if you take this approach, be sure to choose the driver that’s compatible with the exact model number of your hardware, and your version of Windows. 4 Complete the following steps to utilize the stapling feature. Outside Outside Inside Outside Outside Inside Print dialog box, access the printer menu and select Properties and click the Properties check box. Choose either Booklet Mode Using Optional Equipment Outside… Hard Disk Settings dialog box appears if you select the Assigning Virtual Mailboxes box, select the memory capacity of your printer. This setting is required to Memory dialog box appears.

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