Three Skills That Successful Business Leaders Must Possess

Running a business of any size is never an easy task. Whether you are operating a small local convenience store or a large multinational corporation, each day is filled with an abundance of unique and exciting challenges. Of course, to overcome these challenges, there are a few essential skills and abilities that you must possess.

Employee Development

A good leader or manager doesn’t merely seek to find a suitable role for their employees and then keep them there forever. Instead, a successful leader looks to develop and train their employees so that they can eventually handle more significant and more important tasks. This focus on development and education can allow your company to retain valuable employees that they may otherwise have lost to a competitor.

CommunicationBeing a leader is not about micromanaging every detail of your employees’ day. According to Washington DC executive training coach, Kate O’Sullivan, instead, it is about effectively communicating what you expect from them and guiding them in the right direction along the way. Should they make errors, try to avoid chastising them. Instead, use the mistake as a teachable moment. By communicating with them in an open, honest, and helpful way, your employees will be much more enthusiastic about working for you, and the results of this are sure to follow.


Perhaps the most critical skill that a leader must possess is the ability to achieve results. After all, if you fail in this regard the company’s future may be in jeopardy. Luckily, by building your team’s trust in you through employee development and effective communication, they are much more likely to go the extra mile for you when results are needed. However, as their leader, it remains your responsibility to give them a little push along the way as necessary.

Being a leader in business can be a stressful but gratifying experience. However, by working on perfecting the skills mentioned in this article, you will soon see that both you and your team are capable of performing at a very high level.